Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have always appreciated the beauty of orchids, there is just something about their exotic nature.  When I was planning my wedding, my floral designer suggested that we add orchids to my bridal bouquet and I was apprehensive...(I was thinking more "english rose garden" than "beachy tropical".) I trusted her, and she was right...they added the perfect amount of length and flow to a fairly structured bouquet.  Ever since, I have loved the white orchid.

Recently, I went on an excursion with friends to several local Thai markets. There were so many wonderful and amazing products....including stand after stand of beautiful orchids. There were planted orchids, hanging orchids and boxes of orchids in every color.

I could not resist purchasing a box of white orchids.  I brought them home and was deliberating where in the house to put them, when some one suggested outside.  So, I set the orchids in pots on our front patio, and they have not only survived...but thrived.

Check them out:
There are probably close to 12 individual potted orchids in this pot.

Some of the buds "softened", and I took a tiny bit off the tip and they opened.

We are planning to grow our own pineapple too!
What do you think?