Friday, February 17, 2012

Chalkboard Paint!

Well, I'm in love with chalkboards.  The idea of getting to write whatever you want, in the moment...I don't know why...I just love it.   In an effort to chalkboard anything I believe is deserving, I purchased my first can of chalkboard paint.

The kids and I decided to make painting a weekend project.  We painted a vintage mirror (circa 1980 passed down from me to BG) and a big piece of pressed wood from home depot.  I am really excited about how they both turned out.

Still smudges, but you get the idea : -)

UPDATE: I finally figured out what to do with the big chalkboard, see it in the post: Hello March!

The process was super simple: 

For the mirror we sanded first:

Then applied a primer to both the mirror and the wood piece.  Let them dry. Applied two coats of  chalkboard paint.  Let dry for 4 days.  Cured the chalkboard (you know rubbing chalk all over and then off.) They work beautifully!!!!

I just need to figure out where to hang the big chalkboard.  For those of you less interested in making your own, you can always buy a framed chalkboard at:  Stuart & Grace

All the best to you!

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