Sunday, January 29, 2012

Drop Cloth Curtains!

I always struggle with curtains.  I love how they look in other homes, and yet I can never decide what will work in my home.  I pour over magazines and google images, then I start adding up how much $$$ it costs for those beautiful curtains and I get a little nervous.   Earlier this year, I went with the Pottery Barn Cameron Drape in white for my family room.  At first I thought they looked a little bland, but they have really grown on me.  I love the curtain rod and rings I purchased, I think those make the look.  Here they are:

As I was looking for tips on how to recover a chair (more on that project later) I stumbled upon this idea of canvas drop cloth curtains.  I thought it was BRILLIANT!   Thank you Musings From A French Cottage.

In both of the front rooms we added these "curtains".  I've posted pictures below.  Both of these rooms are still a work in when they are complete I will post pictures of the whole room and not just the windows. 
Dining room

Dining Room - Working on the tablescape next!

Music Room

I encountered a few stumbling blocks while hanging these curtains:
  1. Drop cloths do come in different shades.  The first drop cloth I purchased was more of blue/grey that wouldn't bleach and did not match my wall colors.  I picked it up from Home Depot.  The drop cloths I picked up from Lowe's and WalMart were a "khaki" color, and bleached nicely.
  2. I discovered that some drop cloths  have stitching that runs horizontally across the panel vs. vertically. I was using the whole 6x9 panel and a horizontal stitch was not what I wanted.  Unfortunately, I washed two before I check before you wash!
  3. The drop cloths from Lowe's did not wash as nice as those from WalMart.  They had what looked like "pilling" on clothes.  It took time to clean that up.
All in all, I am thrilled to have floor length cutains for $20 a window! My only reservation is that I wish I could have gotten them to be completely white.  Let me know what you think.

All the best - V


  1. So smart! Love how they turned out. Totally can't tell they are drop cloths.

    1. Thank you Brook! Thank you for the step by step on sewing them too.

  2. These turned out beautifully! You did a nice job on them and I think the color of the drapes is perfect.

    Thank you so much for the link back to my blog. I really appreciate that!! Have a great week.


  3. Simple and plain curtains always attracts but nowadays you can find some curtains with some art like paintings, patch work, etc. These also look good with the matching sheets and walls.